About Me

Stefanie & Connie
Stefanie & Connie

I believe in the of miracles, everyday miracles.

After years of being a faithful patron, I stumbled upon the possibility of becoming the next caretaker of Happiness Cards. I felt I’d found a purpose that aligned with my deep desire to help bring more light and joy into our daily lives and the world.

This magical miracle led me on a wildly adventurous trip with a cornucopia of curves on a stretch of the infamous Highway 20, to a quaint coastal Northern California town near Pudding Creek, to meet a woman.

Connie's BungalowOn this late sunny afternoon, at her dreamlike bungalow cottage on the stunning coast of California, I finally met Connie Fledderjohan, the woman who began Happiness Cards with her combined vision of inspiration and beauty. Under a sparkling blue sky, with the smell of bloom, ocean mist and sounds of rascally barking dogs, this kind woman walked with me on the country road near Pudding Creek, as we discussed the passing on of the Happiness Card baton.

I traveled far in mind, awareness and distance to meet this talented artist of flowers,
this spreader of happiness, this wise woman who offered to pass on her positive
message of peace and joy to me. And as I was returning home, my heart felt full with a
bundle of happiness and a beautiful legacy to continue.

Beautiful Garden SceneNow it is for me to be the spreader of happiness, goodwill and delight with these tiny works of art – Happiness Cards. Magical miracle!

As I bring Connie’s Spirit of goodwill along with me on this happiness journey, I will aspire to go forth with these beautiful messages in honor of her and of you.

Please join me in becoming a Happiness Ambassador with your very own Happiness Cards.

Yours in happiness,
Stefanie Perkins