No! I mean Snapdragons. One of my sons, when he was a toddler, called them Drapsnagons, and I have adopted his version. Snapdragon is a fun word to play with, and much more interesting than the Latin name, Antirrhinum. Interestingly, that is a Greek word meaning “like a nose.”

The flowers are fun, too. “They’re made up of 5 lobes divided unequally into upper and lower jaws. By pinching the sides of the flower gently you can make the jaws snap open.” The lobes must have reminded some of our ancestors of a nose, but others evidently saw a dragon. I like the dragon idea.

The Sunset Western Garden Book, where the description comes from, reports that snapdragons originated in Spain and Italy, but an online source said it was in the Americas. It seems there’s mystery surrounding these flowers, and one I’m not interested in clearing up. I’d rather just enjoy them.

This is my first attempt at photographing “Drapsnagons”, and I found it challenging.Snapdragons (1 of 1) Snap Dragons 2 (1 of 1) Snap Dragons 3 (1 of 1)

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