Why Flowers?

“Flowers are love embodied. Look deeply at the color. Feel the vibrancy. Put your nose a little closer. Look deeply. Fall inside. Start your life over right here, right now, inside a flower.” ~ Lao Tzu

Of all the extravagant beauty on our earth nothing is as colorful, varied, ubiquitous and downright flamboyant as flowers. They are not only lovely to look at, but our very lives depend on them. Most of our food comes from plants that flower, are pollinated and grow into fruits, vegetables and grains. And often the grains are then fed to animals that many people eat.

For a photographer flowers are perfect subjects. They can be shot on location or brought into the studio. They pose endlessly, don’t move around and need no breaks. Each blossom has its own distinctive characteristics. Their varied forms allow me to emphasize detail in a macro photograph, delineate abstract features in black and white, or portray a group of blossoms in all their brilliant color.

Interest in flower photography led to the idea of happiness cards and sharing the beautiful imagery with an inspirational quote on the back.  I began buying and giving them away, and still do, but now, instead of buying them, I sell 30 to a box.  Please join me in spreading happiness one card at a time!

Get your own Happiness Cards and begin spreading happiness today with these tiny works of art!

Box of 30 different Happiness Cards
Box of 30 Different Happiness Cards

Uplift and Inspire! Each Happiness Card Deck comes with 30 unique floral images, paired with 30 different inspirational quotes. Measuring 2×3 inches, these tiny works of art are the perfect size to keep on hand and/or give away spontaneously.

1 Deck: $15.00 each + Free Shipping
2-5 Decks: $12.50 each + $3.75 Shipping
6-10 Decks: $10.00 each + $5.75 Shipping
11-20 Decks: $8.50 each + $9.75 Shipping

NOTE: Shipping Charges are included in the price.

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Choose 11-20 Decks


Free Shipping on quantities above 20.  Please contact Stefanie for wholesale account inquiries and specialty orders: [email protected].