Sometimes it’s handy having a 4 legged alarm, but not when I’d like to sleep in. Penny is a pretty smart cat. She’s survived for 14 years in a neighborhood with mountain lions, an occasional bear and lots of raccoons. But she doesn’t get it when I suggest we sleep past 5:15 on a Sunday morning.


Penny 1

She’s an outside cat in the summer, wandering through the house for an occasional brief visit. When the weather cool off she’s my roommate again. And she very quickly figures out when I’m usually up and available to spoon out her favorite treat – canned cat food. When I oversleep she knows just what to do.

Years ago she figured out how to wake me by putting her wet nose on my eyelid. I thought that was very sweet, and I could wake up slowly. But recently she found and even better technique: She puts her face next to my ear and MEOWs in her loudest voice. Very effective, but not so sweet. That was my wake-up call at 5:15 today.

Sleeping comes just behind eating as her favorite activity, but it’s gotta be on her schedule. If for some reason I need to move her in the middle of her snooze, she howls in protest. Despite my complaints I enjoy her company and without her I’d be “the old lady who lives alone.” Instead I’m “the old lady who lives with her cat.”

 Penny 3