I’m writing this in a motel room in Chico after losing my car in a downtown parking lot. I am returning from Lakeview, Oregon and my granddaughter’s wedding and stopped here as a halfway spot in my 468 mile trip home.

This is my first time in Chico, and I wanted to do a little exploring. After driving a couple of miles into downtown I found a free public parking lot with lots of shade, (a definite plus in 90+ degree heat), and took off on foot.

I don’t know about you, but an independently owned bookstore is one of the first places I check out. Most businesses were closed, it being Sunday afternoon, but I did find an open little-bit-of-everything place with a nice young clerk who directed me to Lyons Books where I found a used copy of a Deepak Chopra book I haven’t read.

As I headed back to where I thought my car was waiting for me I was imagining  a lovely evening reading in front of the motel air conditioner. But no car!

I spent the next 30 or so minutes searching for my little red Toyota when I saw two middle-aged women hanging out in their pick-up. i hoped they might know where the free parking lots were. They were from out of town too, but offered to drive me around to find the lots and hopefully my car.

It didn’t take long. Fortunately I always carry a stack of Happiness Cards with me. It was a perfect way to say thank you. They drove away feeling good about helping me, and I drove away grateful for their help. That’s the way life’s supposed to work, isn’t it?