Penny has, from her earliest days, been the most curious (and difficult) cat I’ve ever shared my space with. One episode that remains in my memory was horrifying at the time but has subsequently provided many laughs.

I had just returned from my weekly grocery shopping with several bags in the trunk of my car. My procedure was to haul the bags into the kitchen and then close the garage door. I didn’t think much about Penny’s whereabouts when I pressed the button to let the door down . I had just reached the kitchen when I heard a blood-curdling screech from the garage. “Oh, no, something’s killed the cat!”

I raced back to find Penny hanging from her back feet at the top of the automatic door. Without thinking of the possible damage to her feet I pushed the button to release her, and she fell harmlessly to the ground.

Evidently she’d climbed onto the roof of the car and then onto the open garage door where I couldn’t see her. When I activated the door closure, her perch unrolled beneath her until she had no place to stand. It was a long time before she was brave enough to enter the scene, and some time before my heart slowed down.

But thankfully our lives go on and so do her antics.

Resting midway through helping me change the sheets.
Resting midway through helping me change the sheets.