Rain has been predicted for several days, 100% the weatherman said at one point. But all the clouds have been able to squeeze out have been a few drops. I try not to dwell on the drought we’re experiencing, and I’m enjoying our beautiful winter weather when I’m not worrying about climate change.¬†Fully accepting each moment as it arrives and staying in the present helps. So does the wisdom of others, expressed in the beautiful poem a Facebook friend posted recently. With his permission I’m sharing it with you.

While you’ve been worrying
about the doom of the earth
two hyacinths, three tulips,
and one golden daffodil
blossomed among the mossy
stones and broken pots
by the pantry door,
kept promises
of bygone Springs….
Why not let the catastrophe
happen right now?
This could be the end of time.
Just drop your mind.
Let it shatter and spill
on the compost pile.
Then walk bravely, without
a single thought, through your
garden of unexpected

Fred LaMotte