Stupid question, I know. If you’ve been wearing glasses more than a few weeks, of course you’ve misplaced them at least once.

My latest episode of lost glasses occurred last night as I went out to empty my kitchen compost into an outside container. It was just getting dark, about 7:00 pm. The bin is surrounded by bushes on two sides and a fence on the other two. Spiders seem to find the area good hunting grounds as there are often webs going from bush to fence at head height (my head.)

Of course I ran into one in the semi-darkness. I’m not arachnaphobic, but there’s something decidedly unpleasant about spider webs on my face and in my hair, so I did the instinctive thing – brushed the web away with my empty hand. And, as you’ve probably guessed, sent my glasses flying.

The glasses were nowhere. I searched until it was too dark to see much of anything at which point I got a flashlight from the house, hoping the focused light might reflect off the plastic lenses.

When I realized that wasn’t going to work I gave up and went to bed.

Another fruitless search was launched as soon as there was enough early-morning light to see. I determined I’d have to do some severe pruning of the bushes where the glasses must be, and took off for my daily walk with my neighbor, Nancy. She offered to help me look when we returned, and I offered to give her $20 or my first-born son (who is 60 and happily married) if she found them.

Which she did. I showed her the spot where I’d been standing when the glasses sailed off. She looked down, then leaned down and picked them up. She declined the $20, and didn’t seem too interested in my son.

Nancy told me later that seeing me so delighted when she found my glasses, made her feel good, proving once again that the best way to cheer yourself up is to make someone else happy..