It isn’t a regal demeanor or a royal background or my name or age. What I share with Queen Elizabeth II of England is our birthdays. I don’t mean the dates. She was born on April 21, and I in January.

It’s that we both have¬†two birthdays every year. Her second natal day, floats around the calendar a bit as it’s celebrated with a “Trooping the Colour” parade that always happens on a Saturday. To avoid spring rains it is scheduled for sometime in June. The Royal calendar changes with the weather.

My second birthday came about when I signed¬†up for Facebook. My daughter-in-law instructed me, for security reasons, not to use my “real” birthday. So I didn’t…nor did I remember the date or even the fact that I’d provided the wrong one.

When I began getting birthday wishes on January 19, I was mystified. I finally figured it out, of course, and now, every year I enjoy the fraud I unintentionally perpetrated on my FB friends. It’s cool having birthday greetings twice a year, but I’m still waiting for my parade.