I’m ready to order another 5,000 Happiness Cards, having given away and sold close to 40,000 by now. Here are 10 photos I’m thinking of using in the new edition. They are here for your enjoyment but also your comments. Which ones do you like or don’t like?

BG3-2                                                                          Columbine

Iris                                                                              Iris

Banana Leaves                                                      Leaves of a Banana Tree

Begonia Close up                                                                Orange Begonia

Azaleas_                                                                          Azaleas

Begonias                                                                   Just Begonias

Dahlia Close Up                                                                  Dahlia Close Up

Rhododendrons                                                                  Rhododendrons

Pink Begonias                                                                    Pink Begonias

Hydrangea                                                                     Hydrangea

I’m open to suggestions for positive quotations, too. Thanks for your help.


Begonia on Light Box 1
Begonia on Light Box 1

I hadn’t dragged out my light box in a long time. Finally on Sunday I admitted to myself that my work was getting stale, and I was taking the same photograph over and over. Hmm…why not try my light box again? It lives in a corner in my garage, and takes a bit of effort to set it up,  I somehow summoned the energy to bring it inside, cut some fast-fading begonias, and came up with a few good shots.

begonia 2


Rhododendron on Light Box
Rhododendron on Light Box