How to Spread Happiness


  • Give one when “thank you” isn’t enough.
  • Include in birthday cards, get well cards and other correspondence.
  • Leave several at your local food bank.
  • Send one in your child’s lunch to give to his/her teacher.
  • Leave some in the hospital waiting room and the ER waiting room.
  • Give to guests at birthday parties, weddings and other get-togethers.
  • Have them available for your clients/customers to take.
  • Leave one in a library book you’re returning.
  • Give one to the sales clerk or cashier where you shop.
  • Leave one with the tip when eating out.
  • Leave one on a park bench, or the bench at a bus stop.
  • Offer them to people lined up at the DMV, grocery store or bank.

Be creative! Any place where there are people is a good place to spread happiness.

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