When I tied the knot with my ex, Bill, over 60 years ago, weddings were much simpler affairs. I was married in a small chapel off the main sanctuary of the Methodist Church I attended. Those present were family and close friends, and a reception was held at my parents’ apartment in Park la Brea in Los Angeles. No wedding planner, no caterer. We did have a photographer. Bill’s best friend was a professional photographer, so when he wasn’t holding my wedding ring, he was shooting pictures.

Even the much larger weddings of friends I attended in the 50’s were nothing like the extravaganzas of today. I remember when I first became aware of magazines devoted to brides and weddings. I wondered how there could be enough material to fill up an entire issue, much less 12 issues a year. Now there are several publications devoted to weddings.

Having had sons instead of daughters I was deprived of or saved from (not sure which fits here) all the planning, shopping and expense involved. Now my sons and their wives are stepping into that role. My granddaughter, Heather, was married last August. There were over 100 in attendance, but everything was done by church friends. The only professional on hand was the photographer.

I supplied, at her request, 3 Happiness Cards for each adult attendee. She chose the quotations, and I combined them with three of my flower photos. The three cards were tucked into tiny envelopes and put in a basket by the front door for guests to pick up. They were a hit.

Bride, groom and bride's parents.                                                 Bride, groom and bride’s parents.

Recently a friend/customer, whose daughter is getting married next month, chose four of each card from my new edition (36 different images and quotes) to place on the chairs where the guests will be seated for dinner. As it will be an outdoor affair overlooking the Pacific, a small beach pebble collected by the bride’s mother will hold down the card and will be used later in a ceremony.

Jasmine, my first grandchild, married an Englishman last year in England. Only the two witnesses were at the ceremony, but the couple will be traveling to the U.S. in August to have a reception for their friends and family in this country. Another chance to spread happiness with Happiness Cards!

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