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Happiness Cards
Tiny Works of Art to Share

In her 80s, photographer Connie Fledderjohann decided that C.S. Lewis was on to something when he wrote, “You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.” Using her passion and talent for photography, she launched a new business to spread happiness like rose petals across the world.

Her love of flowers started the vision. Fledderjohann had captured floral magnificence over the years and wanted to share it in some meaningful way to bring more light and love to the planet.

Happiness Cards were invented when she decided to make tiny cards showcasing her photos and perfectly pair them with inspirational quotes. Those at food banks and in hospital waiting rooms were her first audiences. She gave them one at a time to store clerks and tucked them into bills she was paying with gratitude. Then her friends started catching on, got excited and encouraged her to sell them.

Now anyone can uplift and inspire with these tiny works of art. You receive 30 different 2” by 3” masterpieces in a little box.

With a beautiful floral photo on one side and a carefully selected quote on the other, Happiness Cards are the perfect size to keep on hand and give away spontaneously.

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Happiness Cards Still Blooming

Ukiah Daily Journal
October 14, 2015

Long time photographer and Mendocino County resident Connie Fledderjohann is wrapping up a second year in the business of creating “Happiness Cards,” a line of simple cards with photos of nature on one side and quotes aimed at cheering you up on the other.

Fledderjohann’s operating assumption is “You can increase your happiness by making others happy.”

She came up with the concept mainly because she was eager to share her photography.

“I love photography and wanted to share my photos, but I wanted a product that most anyone could afford.

I began by giving away little cards with a flower photo on one side and an inspiring quotation on the other. I handed them out to friends and strangers. In return I always got a smile and ‘thank you’ and sometimes tears or a hug. And I always came away feeling happier. When my friends asked for their own cards to give away it became a business.”

And Fledderjohann says selling the cards makes her happy too.

“I treasure the many comments I’ve received from customers who relate the positive experiences they’ve had giving out Happiness Cards. I estimate that there are over 60,000 cards in circulation right now adding to the happiness of both giver and receiver.”

Fledderjohann works alone – and loves living so close to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg where she finds inspiration all the time – but gets help filling orders from a friend and neighbor when things are extra busy.

She takes inspiration from nature but also from role models “like Georgia O’Keeffe who kept creating late into life.” Why? “I’m almost 85,” she says.

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