There are good surprises and sometimes bad surprises. I was lucky enough recently, to receive a good one, very good in fact. A few days ago FedEx pulled up to my door. I hadn’t ordered anything so I figured it was something for my neighbor, who shops online much more than I do and shares my driveway.

But no, it was for me. I had a friend visiting for a few days, and as I was busy in the kitchen suggested she open the box. As she pulled open the top flaps, three gorgeous silk Amaryllis popped out, announcing the contents within. Which was an amaryllis bulb, a white pot, concentrated potting soil and directions for planting and growing the bulb. Nice!

I’d received one other amaryllis as a Christmas gift and loved it. As I recall it was my only holiday decoration that year, and I took several photographs of the blossoms, one of which is above.

The recent one was sent by two women, Laura Quatrochi and Karla Kohler,  who have a business called Bloem Box in Anderson Valley. I’d received an email from Karla a while back asking for my address so they could send me a gift. Little did I realize what a nice gift it was going to be. You can find out more about their other bulb and seed kits at bloembox.com.

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